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Ladies in Fellowship Together – One Friendly Family

LIFT-OFF is back !


We will be holding sessions FORTNIGHTLY for the rest of 2021.  Nov 9, 23, Dec 7, 21st


Safety standards will be strictly adhered to.


We thank God for the opportunity to be together in learning, praying, sharing, caring and having fellowship and of course the inevitable cups of tea afterwards!!!   You will be welcome whether or not you attend Sunday services. 



14th Anniversary celebrations

Above: 14th Anniversary March 26th 2019
A former leader of LIFT-OFF cuts the cake

Lift-Off 13th Anniversary

Above: 13th Anniversary March 27th 2018  Click image for more photos
Speaker: Joy Trythall - Hebron School India
left to right: some of the Lift-Off team - Wendy Curtis; Marlene Inch;
Ruth Reynolds; Jan Wright; Judith Boys
Cutting the cake: Joy Trythall


Above: 12th Anniversary March 28th 2017
Speaker: Sadie Green - Exporting North Devon Pottery to the New World


 Above: 11th Anniversary Tuesday March 22nd 2016
Speaker: Dick Chamings  For more photos click cake

Above: LIFTOFF 10th Anniversary Tuesday March 31st 2015
Speaker Muriel Hodges - 'Jerusalem'
left to right: Alfie (leader) Angela (secretary) Sheila (cake)

Above: 9th Anniversary - speaker Val Kift 8th April 2014
left to right Marlene (event organiser),
Sheila (who made the amazing cake) Alfie (Leader) and Angela (secretary)

MORE Anniversary PHOTOS  are available  by clicking here


Above: LIFT-OFF Ladies Lunch March 2014 at Country Cousins Westward-Ho
MORE Lunch PHOTOS  are available  by clicking here  


Above: Visit to Gild House, June 2013

MORE PHOTOS of the LIFT OFF Summer Outing to The Gild House, Poundstock, Nr. Bude, are available  by clicking here  

Above:  Lift Off 8th anniversary March 2013
Left to right:  Alfie Wilson, Angela Lovering, Sheila Littlejohns


Ladies in Lavendar

 Above: Ladies In Lavendar
 LIFTOFF Ladies at a visit to The Lavendar Farm in 2012




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