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Image left:  Courtesy of Debs Last.  

In our globalized society, electronic friends are easy to find. People have hundreds of “friends” on social networks; many of these we may have never met and may never meet.

We broadcast all of our thoughts in the hope that somebody will read and respond. Have you ever considered how often you check your phone or email? 

Though when we turn off our laptops and put our phones down it still feels that there is something missing. What are you searching for?


You may try to reassure your friends by saying things like “thinking of you”, “I’ll cross my fingers”, “Best of luck”

But when you think about it, what do any of those things actually achieve?

And when luck has run out, what is left – where do we turn?

Society will offer all of the answers to enhance your spirit, help find yourself and often will be happy to charge you for it - but these have little substance and are all based around self.

The answer is the one thing that has always been there, but society has ignored it. God is searching for you and will always be searching for you. He will listen to your every thought and walk with you through the good times and the bad times.

It’s a weird concept to get to grips with, as you can’t see God so how do you say He exists. If you think of gravity then you can’t see that but you know that it exists by its effect. In the same way you can feel the effects God has on your life, and when you ask him for help, he will always respond.

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