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MPs call for evidence on whether freedom of religion has been compromised by Covid restrictions. Read more on Premier Radio website, with opportunity to contribute to the response.

If you are concerned about religious freedom - you may wish to sign this petition organised by barnabusfund.org   It begins

In the light of the British tradition of fair play, tolerance, diversity and equality, and in line with

the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), we call upon the British

government to introduce a new law to enshrine fully and permanently the hard-fought-for

religious freedoms we have gained over the last five centuries in the UK.



Dave Bamford - Governor of Brixton Prison: Reinstate Pastor Paul Song as a Chaplain at Brixton Prison, and allow him to run Christian courses as he has in the past. http://citizengo.org/en/156310-reinstate-pastor-paul-song-chaplain-brixton-prison-and-allow-him-run-christian-courses-he-has?tc=gm

Asylum for persecuted christians

Petitions asking the Government to offer asylum to persecuted Christians from the Middle East.


Barnabas Fund - Hope and Aid for the Persecuted Church




Mental Health Crisis in Nepal

There is a mental health crisis facing Nepal and a petition to ask Nepal's Government to do more to help its citizens with poor mental health can be signed on line at



These two articles do a great job of explaining the impact on mental health by the earthquakes 

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